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THE FREEDOM SERIES BOOK 3 - Available now!

With a cattle ranch and world-class horse-training facility to run,

Dina Rodriguez has carefully avoided trouble with the ever-

present drug cartels—until now. On a trip to town for supplies,

she is given the ultimatum she’s long dreaded: pay up—or face

the consequences. Even though Dina knows there may be lethal

repercussions, she refuses the cartel’s demands. Will the results

of her choice endanger the lives of everyone on the ranch?

Within days of Dina’s decision, five of the valuable ranch mares

disappear. She suspects that this is only the first strike from the

Jalisco Cartel for her refusal of their demand for money.

Regardless, she plans a daring nighttime raid to get the mares


The cartel’s response is instant and brutal, leading to devastating

events that may change Dina’s life forever.

IMG_2288 2.jpg
These adventurers held me in their exciting grip from the first chapter to the last.  ~T. T.
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