Vengeance is Mine - NEW!
The Freedom Series, Book 2
Dina Rodriguez cut her first tooth on trouble. Born to parents embroiled in one of the most secretive CIA operations on the Mexican border, she’s seen the dark side of her late father’s efforts to keep America safe. The Rodriguez ranch straddles one of the best smuggling corridors in Mexico. Until now, they’ve maintained an uneasy truce with the drug cartels, but when Juana Altamirez disappears, trouble descends like a six-taloned buzzard. 
Juana’s husband Raul has been Dina’s mentor and friend since childhood, so when he leaves to search the vast canyons of the Sierra Madre for his kidnapped wife, Dina starts her own perilous journey of discovery. She pleads with her husband for help, but with an agent mired in the most daring and dangerous infiltration of his career, Frederick is once more unable to respond to Dina’s need. Is this the end of their already tumultuous marriage? Dina has to decide.
Free To Run
The Freedom Series, Book 1
Dina Rodriguez has a lightning-fast horse and a dream. But there are no opportunities for barrel racers in her native Mexico. Her mother is determined she stay and marry the wealthy son of a neighboring rancher. She refuses, wanting only to start a new life, far from her controlling mother and a father who collaborates with drug traffickers and terrorists. But sometimes you can’t run far enough—and there’s no place to hide. When she lands in Miles City, Frederick Roseman offers his assistance. She is afraid his help carries a price she is unwilling to consider. But without him, can she escape one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world? When trust turns to love, Dina must decide. Can she spend her life with this man?

The Border Series, Book 1

An affair wrecked his marriage, and his once successful rodeo career is on life-support. Lonnie Bowers doesn't think life can get any worse, until his best friend is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. 

The search for Brian's missing plane leads Lonnie deep into the Sierra Madre to face a greater danger than he's ever encountered in the rodeo arena. He's alienated from the woman he still loves, and thrown into a costly struggle to avoid the brutal end reserved for all those who dare to cross the cartels. 

Artfully crafted, Blackwater Crossing is an emotionally immersive thriller that will stay with the reader long after the last page has been read.

"In a rip roaring work by new author David Griffith, Blackwater Crossing: The Border Series Volume 1 is full of adventure, mayhem and thrills, but is also, at its heart, a story about a best friendship, and the lengths one man will go to save his closest friend. Protagonist Lonnie Bowers has lost a lot in his life of late. He's failing at his once successful rodeo career and an affair has wrecked his marriage. When his best friend, Brian, is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel, Lonnie is determined that he won't lose Brian too. He chases the trail to his friend deep into the Sierra Madres, but what he finds is that the challenges are greater than he could have ever imagined, and his life as well as the life of his best friend are at risk. 


I found Blackwater Crossing to be a simply fantastic read. The book is full of mystery, intrigue and action, and is incredibly readable from start to finish. Readers who enjoy a faced paced thrill ride of a book will love Blackwater Crossing. I originally intended to read just a few chapters of this book before falling asleep. Well, several hours later, I found myself reading the last page, satisfied and tired at the same time. I can absolutely give this book a high recommendation, and suggest that any reader who picks it up should make sure that they have enough time to read it straight through, because they simply will not want to put it down!" - Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite


The Border Series, Book 2

Lonnie Bowers grew up with skinned knuckles and a burning anger. Abandoned by his mother, with never a father in the picture, he bounced from one foster home to another, until he was old enough to walk away. He was one of the fortunate ones. The thrill of riding bucking horses insulated him from the drugs and booze that trapped so many other Indian kids. He escaped. Why would he go back? Every bad thing that ever happened was because of God or Indians. But the vision of the squalid meth shack, and the vacant eyes of the sister who waits for death, won't go away.


The cartel known in Spanish as "The Family" is the largest producer of meth in Mexico, with a distribution network that reaches every corner of North America. Mexican federal police have trumpeted the death of the charismatic spiritual leader, Nazario Moreno, but their inability to produce a body has only added to his messianic stature among the campesinos of Michoacán. The Death Dealers blurs fiction with the real life characters of La Familia in a chilling drug war we may have already lost.

The Border Series, Book 3

When an injury in a Texas rodeo arena sends Lonnie Bowers home for the season, his boss comes calling with complimentary tickets for a Costa Rica vacation.


Clarissa thinks it's a grand idea. Father and son bonding time. A little sand, some sun. Who would turn that down? Lonnie is skeptical of this sudden generosity. But he didn't know it would turn into a race with death as he tries to save Clarissa and Conor from a drug cartel's vengeance.


This riveting tale weaves little-known facts with fiction, and chronicles the abusive power and control of one of Mexico's most dangerous drug cartels.

The Border Series, Book 4

In a firefight with a drug cartel, Lonnie Bowers barely escapes with his life. Mind you, this isn't the first time, but the weariness and constant anticipation of impending death has forced him to reassess his future.

When Clarissa tells him the Blackwater Ranch is for sale, he scoffs. How could they afford it? Are he and Clarissa cut out for that kind of isolation? Do they have the grit and determination to make it as back country ranchers? Lonnie has promised he'd quit the rodeo trail - and intelligence work in Mexico. But machinery breaks, ranch payments need to be made, and he has a family to feed. Lonnie's qualified to go to Calgary, the richest rodeo of them all. A win there would solve all their financial problems. Can he still compete with all the young riders?

Then, the agent who has saved his life countless times disappears into Mexico, apparently hell-bent on a one man mission of vengeance. The company's response is blunt. Get him out, or we'll eliminate him. Can Lonnie walk away?