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The Freedom series.

We're so excited to be this close to publication of the first book in "The Freedom Series." Free to Run is at the press stage and has been an exhausting exercise in patience. Dina Rodriguez's story takes the reader to an earlier time, a period of tumult and upheaval in her life and the life of Frederick Roseman, the man she meets in Miles City.

2018 has been a busy year on the ranch, which means everything in the real estate or writing category gets put on hold. However, "Free to Run" refuses to stay in the basement. We're now shooting for an October 31st release which is way past our spring 2018 original date of publication. For our readers who have waited for this new story, please accept my apologies. I hope the experience of following Dina north from her native Mexico to the cow town of Miles City will be worth the wait.

If you'd like further publication news, jot down your email address and we will make sure you have the latest updates.


David Griffith

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