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NEW BOOK - Vengeance is Mine

If you’ve a hankering to curl up with a great action-adventure story over the Christmas holiday, or you can’t imagine what to buy for your Uncle Henry who lives out in Saskatchewan and might leave you the ranch, consider a copy of Vengeance is Mine. It will hit the shelves this week. Buy a copy directly from my website this week and it may get to you before Christmas! Or order online from Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble etc., plus check our website for a list of bookstores that carry my books.

This is the second novel in The Freedom Series, and takes place along the Mexican border, south of Douglas, Arizona. Much of the area is high desert country, with rocky trails and mountain passes that make it a paradise for smugglers of people, cocaine, or any of a dozen other illegal commodities.

The story takes Dina back to the family ranch at Agua Prieta. After her father’s death, her mother, with the help of their foreman, Raul, tries to carry on with running the Rodriguez Ranch’s extensive cattle and horse operations. But her mother’s health takes a turn for the worse, and Dina is forced to take on more responsibility. That is disruptive enough to her marriage and barrel racing career, but then Raul’s wife is kidnapped. Dina calls her husband. She hopes with Frederick’s extensive intelligence background and knowledge of the cartels he will be able to help. With a dozen agents, and his own operational responsibilities at Stirling Associates, Frederick feels Dina’s demands are more than he can handle. He resents her unreasonable demands on his time.

Although Vengeance is Mine is a work of fiction, the plot revolves around several real-life characters and events. The story portrays Raul as a cousin to Amado Carrillo, who in Mexican drug annals is referred to as The Lord of the Skies. He gained that title by his nearly uninhibited use of Boeing-sized jets to ferry cocaine from Columbia into Mexico and then the United States. Nobody before or since has matched his volume of drug smuggling amid the network of cartel alliances he managed to create.

If you enjoyed Free to Run, I think you’ll like Vengeance is Mine, the second in The Freedom Series. To research the background required travel to a few locations I’d not recommend as tourist friendly. Even if you aren’t able to ever make it to those places, I want you my friends to see and live them through this novel. And of course I hope you’ll also enjoy the horses and ranch life, love and vengeance.

I’m excited to send Vengeance is Mine to you, my readers. Remember, you can purchase it on all the major book buying sites, and of course it’s available on my website at

All the best of the Christmas season to you and yours. May your trails be easy and your burdens light, but if by chance they aren’t, my Christmas wish would be that you’re mounted on a sure-footed horse with your eyes well-fixed on that Bethlehem Star.

David Griffith

For illegal immigrants, this barbed-wire fence is the last hurdle before reaching America on the Highway to heaven. The wall? Well, in many places - this is it!

One of many Border Patrol outposts. On much of America's southern border, this is the largest employer.

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